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The Difference Between Lightning Protection vs. Lightning Suppression

EMP Defense Jun 8, 2023 3:20:10 PM

What's the Difference Between Lightning Protection vs. Lightning Suppression Systems?

Are you interested in learning how to protect your assets from lightning damage? If so, you’re probably searching the internet for “lighting protection” and finding lots of articles related to lightning rods. 

In reality, lightning suppression is the far better option for protection, but many people aren’t familiar with this concept. That’s where we come in. We’ll tell you all about lightning suppression systems and why they’re the superior choice for protection against critical damage. 


Is There a Difference Between Lightning Protection and Lightning Suppression Systems

Yes – there is a difference between lightning protection and lightning suppression. Lightning protection and lightning suppression are two different approaches to mitigating the risks associated with lightning strikes.

Lightning protection systems are designed to minimize the damage caused by a lightning strike by providing a safe path for the lightning current to follow. The primary goal of lightning protection is to prevent lightning from causing harm to structures, people, and equipment. 

Lightning suppression aims to prevent lightning strikes from occurring in the first place or redirect the path of the lightning discharge. It involves various techniques that alter the electrical conditions in the atmosphere to prevent or mitigate the formation of lightning. 

Ask yourself this question:

Would you rather minimize damage from lightning strikes or prevent the strike from forming in the first place? 

We think the answer is obvious – it’s best to prevent the strike from happening in the first place. Therefore, lightning suppression is the optimal choice


How Do Lightning Do Suppression Systems Work?

Lightning suppression systems can employ various techniques to prevent or redirect lightning strikes, but we’re going to focus on the method that involves electromagnetic fields. More specifically, we will explain the technology behind our top-of-the-line lightning suppression system, the CMCE Multiple Electric Field Compensator. 

The CMCE Multiple Electric Field Compensator creates and maintains a balanced electric environment within its protective three-dimensional radius.

First, the system absorbs charges appearing in the surrounding electromagnetic field and arranges them internally based on their natural form. Then it creates a controlled flow of leakage current in harmless milliamperes through the ground wire to the earth take.

When the electric field changes, provoked by variations in the surrounding environment, the CMCE reacts by absorbing and draining excess charges into the ground. This process eliminates upward streamers and prevents lightning development within the device's coverage radius.


Who Would Benefit From Lightning Suppression Systems?

A wide range of applications benefit from lightning suppression systems, including industrial, commercial, residential, and maritime fields. 



Many accidents involving petroleum product storage tanks are attributed to lightning strikes, so lightning suppression in the industrial field is vital not only to protect storage tanks and other equipment, but also personnel. The consequences of lightning damage include significant disruptions to industrial operations, costly repairs to factory equipment, and damage to specialized electronics essential for smooth operations.



Lightning strikes can cause severe damage to hospitals, airports, event venues, and more. By implementing appropriate lightning protection measures in commercial buildings, it becomes possible to safeguard security systems, buildings, electronic assets, and, most importantly, the well-being of the public and employees.



Fires originating from lightning strikes can cause destructive harm to your property. By implementing measures that protect your property against lightning strikes, you can effectively minimize the risk of damage to electrical systems, the structure of the building, roofing, electronic assets, and, most importantly, ensure the safety of individuals present.



Watercraft are highly susceptible to lightning strikes, whether docked or in motion. When a watercraft is struck by lightning, the consequences can be severe, potentially leading to extensive damage, the vessel sinking, and people being in extreme danger. 


Invest in the Best Lightning Suppression System

Damage from lightning strikes in the United States exceeds $7 billion annually. Don’t become part of that statistic. Invest in lightning suppression systems with proven technology that protects your assets. 

The CMCE Multiple Electric Field Compensator from EMP Defense is the leading lightning suppression system that offers top-notch protection against lightning strikes and damage. Unlike lightning rods and other standard lightning protection systems, the CMCE provides a 100% success rate against lightning formation in multiple fields. What more could you ask for? 

Contact our team today to learn more about the high-quality lightning suppression devices available from EMP Defense.